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Monday, August 16, 2010

Is it possible for a woman NOT to want a child?

Today's topic is about women and children. Is it possible for a woman not to want a child? Ever ever? Mwalimu is of the opinion that children are a blessing and are essential to happiness and women who do not want children are very selfish.

My Human Opinion

I agree with most part of Mwalimu's opinion. Children are a blessing and are a great source of joy. However, they are not essential to happiness. One can find happiness without children. But married women who are healthy and can have children but purposefully don't want to, are indeed selfish.

True, there are exceptional circumstances under which a woman may choose not to have children, especially health issues, or she's fighting in a war somewhere in Afghanistan.

Also, there are temporary situations where it may be prudent not to have children e.g. early in a career (especially when the financial situation is not good for both partners) or a dangerous domestic situation or she's fighting in a war somewhere in Afghanistan. Therefore, when the temporary situation passes away then the woman can decide to have a baby. But a permanent no-no! That's a bit selfish don't you think?

Now women, if indeed you don't want a baby and claim not to be selfish, then why don't you also abstain from any activity that could create one.

My Biblical Opinion

There are many women in the Bible who would have done (and some did) anything to have a child. And some of them had children after much praying, divine intervention and sometimes under difficult circumstances. Just to mention few
  1. Sarah and Abraham
  2. Rebeka and Isaac
  3. Rachel and Jacob (3 generations of barren women) 
  4. Samson's mother and father Manoah
  5. Hannah and Elkanah
The children bore by these women became great heroes of the Bible. These children made a mark in the society of their day, not only in their immediate family. If these women had decided not to have these children then...then... I can't even imagine.

So, as you decide not to have children think about what you are denying the world. Think about the joy you will be missing. Think about the chance you are denying your parents to be dotting grandparents. Think about those who really want children but cannot have any.

True nowadays woman have more options to build strong careers and to exercise the choice not to have children. Moreover, women are not necessarily socialized to be nurturers and care-givers. But that doesn't mean that all women have decided to give babies a wide berth.

The Bible says that children are a gift from God.
Psalm 127:3  Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
                    children a reward from him.
So to answer today's question, is it possible for a woman not to want a baby? Yes it is possible. But is it worth it? Won't you want a gift, especially from the Lord?

Well, we don't know. See you tomorrow

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