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We promise not be overly fanatical about the topics discussed in this site because of their sensitive nature and you cannot possibly know where someone is coming from. Besides, who are we, or you, to judge another. However, please accept mild fanaticism (we do hope that you have realized that that is an oxymoron)

We certainly do not claim to be experts in Christianity or relationships or Christianity in relationships or relationships in Christianity or experts in anything for that matter.
But we shall attempt to give practical Bible-based opinions/solutions as best as we can. And where we can't, God still rules.

The opinions in this website are just that opinions. Do not consider anything posted here as being beneficial for any purpose.

We do not promise to keep up the daily topics as heard on radio (yeah I know, then what is the sense of this? but hey) and as such should not be held responsible for the missing posts.

There shall be no vulgar, pornographic or violent posts. And comments of such nature will be deleted. If any post offends you then we sincerely apologize. If any post makes you uncomfortable we sincerely do not apologize.

We don't require any of your personal details, but should such be given, we promise to hide them from other people. But if these other people get to see them then it's not our fault (and no, we don't know whose fault it is).

We are not trying to proselytize anyone, but if you do get converted to Christianity then praise God.

There shall be a few affiliate programs on this site. This is to help monetize the site.

Yaani, in many few words this is the disclaimer post.

Consider yourself disclaimed.